Our History

Since the founding of the company in 1979, Paul Fritts & Co. Organ Builders has been dedicated to the design and construction of high-quality pipe organs. Paul Fritts, director of the firm, has devoted considerable time researching, both internationally and at home, the techniques developed by organ builders who have worked at a very high level. Paul has personally studied organs in The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Mexico, France and the United States paying close attention not only to the organs themselves, but to the acoustical properties of the rooms in which they are installed. The addition of Bruce Shull to the team has further broadened and intensified this research effort. A thorough understanding of thousands of details is crucial when creating new works of quality and integrity. These experiences, together with the combined expertise found within the organization, are applied to every aspect of the art of organ building. The prime mission is to craft instruments that players and audiences will love and cherish.

Recent work has reflected a desire to expand further the range of the instruments while maintaining high musical standards within a meaningful and useful style.  There are currently seven craftsmen working with Paul and all share a personal commitment to achieving superior craftsmanship within each instrument.  All design work and construction of the thousands of components that make up an organ (except for the electric blowers and electronic pre-set systems) is done in-house from carefully selected raw materials.  The establishment of the pipe shop in 1983 completed this vision for the company enabling detailed control of every aspect of the organs’ tonal makeup.  The workshop itself is a beautiful timber-framed structure with sufficient height and space for the largest organs to be assembled.  All of the parts then can be reliably fit together in the workshop enabling efficient and trouble-free installations.

Visitors are welcome.  Please call to arrange a visit!